I’ve been honing my building and design skills on ROBLOX since 2011 when I first joined. Since then, it’s become a huge passion of mine to build for myself and the community. I also have a huge interest in making games in general, and have taken up various leadership development positions during my time on the platform. I believe the variety to this portfolio greatly showcases constant improvement in my work and my ability to build anything you could possibly want.

In real life, I'm a Mechanical Engineering student from New York City, USA. 

 Building Skillset

All of my work is done completely on ROBLOX Studio, I do NOT use outside software- such as blender- to build. If you see a complex mesh in my build, it was granted to me for use by a client. If you are looking for something to be done in a super low-poly blender like fashion, I might not be the best choice for you. 

Simply put, I use a ‘realistic’ ROBLOX style that relies entirely on Studio’s functionality, using unions, special mesh parts and plugins to make complex shapes, differences in material and texture, etc.

I tend to use some math plugins for creating more complicated objects that normally wouldn’t be possible in studio, so credits go to their respective for creators for those great tools.

I also have relevant experience with professional engineering Design software like Solidworks and Fusion360, although I do not use these for ROBLOX work.

 Noteworthy Experience

As far as past clients and positions go, I’ve worked for a large variety of clients, groups, and developers, giving me a diverse experience in designing all sorts of things. I’ve worked for Reliable Games, Starboard Studios, Resurrection Studios, Dunn Games, ROWG Nation, The United States Navy Group,  Kovacs, ARE Games, and more.

I am also a part of several noteworthy development communities, being Shiguto, Hidden Developers, and the Developer Forum / Talent Hub through ROBLOX.