At the top of this page, I will show a general gallery with still images of each build, followed with a slider of more images of that same build, if you wish to take a closer look (this just saves some space, and the scaling for some of the images is not correct). If you prefer a devforum template, please see my previous portfolio below! (It is probably a little outdated).

There's quite a lot of images here, please scroll through them all! I am sure you will find there's nothing I can't build.

Large Maps / Builds:

Smaller Builds / Props:

All of my work was done in ROBLOX Studio. 

Now for some sliders- which you can interact with to see some more images of each build. Use the arrows to navigate:

Commission for Sin-Law State 

A large project I was commissioned for in mid 2021. It consists of a large city with a customized layout, using smooth terrain and detailed city related assets.

Project Pacifica - Game Map

My personal game development project, and one which I am most proud of. This map spans 256,000 square studs of space, and utilizes smooth terrain alongside road infrastructure, detailed dystopian work, and more. It was completed entirely by myself over the course of six months around late 2020. If you are interested in this project, you can find more about it here:

Chicago Theater Commission

A relatively large project I was commissioned for in early 2021. It is a detailed replica of the real life Chicago Theater, including a full interior and theatre.

Commission for Pro Border 

A relatively large project I was commissioned for in early 2021 for the popular youtuber, sebee. This was a collaborative effort and I did not make all of it. However, I was responsible for the entire outside of the border, including the design of the wall and exterior props, terrain, and vegetation.

Check out the game below:

Boardwalk - Resurrection Game Map

A FPS map for a call of duty zombies style game that I was commissioned for in late 2019. It is a detailed build of boardwalk themed amusement park. I am extremely proud of this project as it goes a long way to show off my skills with map design, and specifically with flow of shooter maps. It's a little hard to see some of the details, as the map is pretty dark. Checkout 'Resurrection' below!

Villa Style FPS Map

A relatively large ongoing project I was commissioned for by ROWG Nation. It is a large Mediterranean style villa complex with a sci-fi aspect to it that will also serve as a map for a shooter game.

Factory Commission

A large but older project of mine that I was commissioned for in 2018. This was one of my proudest projects at the time, and one that got me a lot of attention for its unique concept and design. I believe while its detail level is a little on the low side, it showcases my ability to strategically design FPS maps.

Detailed Aircraft Carrier 

A relatively large, detailed project I was commissioned for in 2019. it is a detailed factory style building with many unique props and machines. 

Sci-fi FPS Map

This slider contains a lot of different works I made for various different clients over the course of 2018-2020; Including two pirate ships, a US Arleigh Burke Destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, and a Chinese Luzhou class destroyer. After making my aircraft carrier, I became very well known for ship building. 

WWII Era Border Commission

A moderately sized project I was commissioned for in 2018. It was designed for a military roleplay group that features part based terrain and vegetation, as well as strategic locations with a raidable base.

Honorable Mentions

A large project that took a few months that I made way back in 2017. This aircraft carrier is entirely part based and got me a lot of recognition as a skilled ship designer (which you will see much more of below!). It features a full interior with many detailed rooms and props through the ship.

Monticello Commission

A smaller (but very detailed) commission I made for a friend back in late 2019. It is a replica of the real life Monticello historical site. It features a full interior with custom made furniture, and showcases a lot of my architectural skills.

Coast Guard Boat Commission 

Two models based off of real life U.S. coast guard patrol vessels. I was commissioned to make these by the ROBLOX US Navy group back in early 2020. I am very proud of these ships as they are extremely detailed and were designed pretty much entirely with parts, featuring a lot of complex geometry regardless.

Various Boat models

Many miscellaneous projects I did not think were important enough to get their own slider and prompt, but were still worth the appearance. Please feel free to inquire though if you are interested in hearing any details about them.

Portfolio last updated: 8/27/2022

Buildings and Structures:


PLEASE NOTE: All of my vehicles, like the rest of my builds, were all made with parts in Studio. They are not made with other software such as Blender.

Pretty much all of these are for sale. Inquire if interested!
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